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It all started with a passion...

Conceived to meet the needs of the luxury voyagers from all over the world like never before Virtuous Travel was born to elevate any customized journey thanks to the first class consultancy and the sublime stays offered by luxury reliable partners and brands.

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About us: Benvenuto

Inspired by

the breeze of the Mediterranean gulf, the ascendancy of the Roman Empire, the greatest Renaissance masterworks, passionate about arts, civilizations, wellness and sacredness, the Virtuous designers, with their over twenty years of experience, recommend only the most authentic destinations, custom itineraries and unique accommodations because of the confident relationship with each majestic property and the acquaintance of each locally-committed resource.

About us: Chi siamo

Your needs

Whether using the Virtuous fully supplied versatile online booking system or requesting your personal travel curator, our clients are always provided with the most excellent and competitive results followed by detailed documentation and meticulous management of the wished experiences.

About us: Chi siamo

"In many moments of my career it happens that I wonder to myself: have I done my job well so far? Are my clients happy to hear from me? Will I accept the new challenges and evolutions from the world of tourism? The answer is always one and simple: absolutely, because I just pursue to improve myself, all the time. It is only through experience and belief that we transform our commitments into virtues in favor of the others.

Virtuous travel is the purest and most authentic upgrade of our work plan, made available to the people that I call explorers, who love the revelation of the uncommon, just like me.

If you have arrived to these words, you are one step away from the discovery of an enterprise made sensational by the virtues of truly luxury tourism professionals, enjoy the reading."

Founder and CEO

About us: Chi siamo
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